Why use a safety professional?

Safety Training Specialist, Certified Safety Professional, Safety Consultant, Safety Manager

Our Experience

 With over 15 years of experience in the safety and health field, our safety professionals have the skills and knowledge you are looking for.  

We have helped many organizations achieve safety excellence through quality safety training and management programs and services.  

Not only do we help companies reduce workplace injuries that help cut overhead costs to the employer. We help build successful and lasting safety cultures that provide management teams with the education and tools to identify and correct hazards in the workplace, while helping employees feel empowered and engaged in making positive changes. 


Our Approach

 When employers say that safety is everyone's responsibility we typically agree.  Although we have a very specific and proven approach to make sure everyone understands what their roles and responsibilities are.

We take a hands on approach to safety, knowing that not everyone views hazards and risks in the same way.  Through our training and consultation programs we can help any size company.

How are we unique, we believe that all companies, big and small deserve a safe work environment, the greatest need we fulfill is helping small organizations who can not afford a full time safety department, we become your safety department providing, training and consultation services at a fraction of what you would pay a full time safety staff.

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Why Chose Us?

With so many safety training and consulting services out there why should you chose us over them?

The answer is simple, we provide services at a cost that beats many of our competitors.  We can do this because we keep our overhead low by bringing the services to your company.  The added benefit to this is when your employees are done with a training class they don't have to travel back to work to actually work.

The second benefit to this is we customize and cater to the needs of your organization, utilizing your company policies and procedures in the training programs.  While on site we can help your employees identify the hidden hazards that are missed due to employees being comfortable in the work environment.

We really are the best services around.

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